3 Pillars Of Support For Getting In Great Shape

Staying motivated is always a challenge when getting in shape for your Wedding.

Especially when you have a million and one other things to think about and stress over.

So today, I wanted to share with you 3 ‘Pillars’ of support you have available to you to start, and continue, your journey of looking and feeling fantastic for your big day.

I will discuss…

  • Who these pillars of support are
  • How they can help you
  • How to use them to keep you on track

Let’s dive right on in…

3 pillars of support


Pillar 1 Your Partner

Your Husband or Wife to be is obviously someone you turn to for support. Yet many Brides fail to use them as a way of helping them change habits and certain parts of their lifestyle.

If you’re looking to get fitter, healthier and look amazing for your Wedding, why not get your partner to do the same?

This is the person you most likely live with and spend a lot of time around.

So it makes sense to have them there as someone who is on a similar journey to you and knows what it is like to be making changes to your habits and routines in order to look and feel better.

If your partner isn’t on-side it makes things more difficult (although not impossible) as there is likely to be temptations around the house that they are eating/drinking.

Here’s my step-by-step approach for using your partner as a pillar of support…

  1. Talk to them – Let them know that you intend to make some changes with your health and lifestyle and that you would like them to do the same and support you along the way.
  2. Involve them – As a groom myself, I can vouch for the fact that if you partner involves you in the process you are much more likely to buy-in to the idea and help out more. Share your goals with your partner and maybe help them set some for themselves. If they like to cook, get them involved in the new shopping list and meal preparation routine…There’s lots you can do!
  3. Be honest with them – If you are struggling then let them know and let them help you. Don’t pretend things are going well if they ask you and they aren’t. Instead, let them know you could do with some help and then let them do so. They will genuinely want to help you keep on track and moving forwards, because one day, they will need you to do the same.


Pillar 2 Your Bridesmaids bridesmaids

For some reason, many Brides almost see their Bridesmaids as rivals to their big day.

I can understand why to some extent.

It’s my day

I don’t want them stealing the limelight

She might look better than me

I’ve heard all these things mentioned before from the Brides I have helped.

But trust me, if you’ve selected them well (that’s a key component of the process 😀), they are simply there to support you.

And let’s face it… no one. Yes, no one – can steal you thunder on your Wedding Day.

I mean, take a look at the picture above ^^

Even with their bums out (and they are good bums I might add), these Bridesmaids still don’t steal the centre of attention from the Bride. She still looks the best by far!

Here’s my step-by-step approach for using your bridesmaids as a pillar of support…  

  1. Ask for their help & support – If you have a Bridesmaid who is in particularly good shape, or a shape similar to what you want to be then simply ask them for some advice about what it is they do and then ask if they can help you. I challenge you to get them to say “NO!” because guess what….they won’t!
  2. Train with them – Your Bridesmaids are the perfect training partners. People who train alongside someone else get better results and stick to their plan longer than those who train with no one…it’s quite simply a fact. Use your Bridesmaids or Chief Bridesmaid as a gym buddy and use them as someone to hold you accountable.
  3. Use them as competition – We all love a little health competition in our lives. So why not use your bridesmaids as competition for getting in great shape and living a healthier lifestyle that lasts? Track your progress, measure your fitness levels, see who gets the most steps per day…do what ever you like to make the whole process more like a game.

Pillar 3 Your Mum mother of the bride

The mother of the Bride is an important figure, and usually acts as the voice of reason.

You can literally use her to support you in whatever way you want to, including all of the things listed above for your Bridesmaids and Partner.

However, the best way to use your mum for support…

Is to let her give you perspective on things.

You’re going to be busy.

You’re going to get stressed.

You’re going to worry.

…It’s all to be expected.

But whether it is related to getting in shape for the wedding, or just getting the whole thing planned, let your mum be the one to keep things in perspective and listen to what she says.

After all…she has been there and done it herself most likely!


Support Summary

In summary…

Your Partner is the best person to support you with everything that goes on at home in regards to getting in shape for your big day.

What you eat, what time to get to bed, how stressed out you are…They can help you keep all those things in check.

Your Bridesmaids are the best people to train with and keep your activity levels on track.

Use them to keep you exercising consistently and to make sure you’re pushing yourself to get great results.

Your Mum is the best person to keep the whole thing in check and make sure you get support with whatever it is you need…even if it’s just a reminder that you will look amazing no matter what!

Need An Extra Pillar Of Support?

If you feel you could really benefit from having some extra support in getting in shape for your Big Day, then I welcome you to get involved with the Big Day Body Plan.

There is exclusive access to some FREE help as a thank you for taking the time to read my blog. See you on the inside!

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