5 Tasty Convenience Foods You Can Eat On The Go…Without Ruining Your Diet!

If there is one thing you can do to make sticking to your diet plan easier, it’s adding a little convenience.

On the whole, most people perceive a ‘Diet’ to be less convenient than the way they would normally eat.

This is usually because extra preparation is involved when eating nutritious foods, and may take you a while to figure out what foods to eat, how to prepare them, and where to get them from.

So. Today I am going to share 5 tasty convenience foods with you that you can eat on the go without ruing your diet.

5 tasty convenience foods

Let’s dive right in and see which 5 made my list…

1 Trek Bars trek bars

These are by far my favourite convenience food.

Why? Because they contain good amounts of protein (9-10g), lower in sugar than most other bars (13.6g), come in a range of great flavours, and to top it off….are wheat, gluten and dairy free!

When you are looking to get in great shape it massively helps if you remove foods you are intolerant to, and quite often people find they are intolerant to either wheat, gluten or dairy (maybe all 3).

2 Nakd Bars nakd bars

These come a close 2nd to Trek Bars in my opinion.

Taste-wise, they are fantastic!

And come in more flavours than you could ever imagine.

However, as they are primarily fruit based, they tend to be higher in sugar and lower in protein than Trek Bars.

For me personally, that’s the reason they are a close 2nd.

Just like Trek Bars, Nakd bars are wheat, gluten and dairy free.

And as an added bonus…they are probably the most natural convenience bar you will find on the market!

3 Kirsty’s Free-From Ready Meals kirstys spanish chicken

When I first saw these on the supermarket shelf, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

There was what looked like a very tasty, wheat, gluten & dairy free ready-meal that claimed to be nutritious.

Yeah right!” – was my honest thought.

And then I took a look at the ingredients list….And it blew my mind!

These meals are THE BEST ready-meals on the market in terms of taste and nutritional value!

They take 4 minutes to cook, and the one pictured (my personal favourite) is just one of a growing list of options available.

Well done Kirsty!

4 Bounce Balls bounce balls

These are probably the first ever healthy convenience foods I tried.

These ‘Balls’ are primarily made from nuts and seeds, making them naturally high in protein and good quality fats – something all healthy diets should contain.

Because of this they do a good job of ‘filling a hole’ when you’re out and about, despite being fairly small in size.

They are ideal for keeping in the car or in your bag on your travels as there is no way these ‘brilliant balls’ are getting mushed up in there!

5 Team Sky Protein Smoothies team sky smoothie

These are less ‘natural’ than the other choices on this list, but have been included for one very specific reason.

As a user of protein shakes it is great to see a pre-mixed protein drink that isn’t mainly based on skimmed or semi-skimmed milk. Making it much lower in lactose and more suitable for those less tolerant to dairy.

The majority of pre-made protein drinks are basically milk mixed with whey protein powder, sugar and preservatives.

Meaning they offer very little nutritional value, just a big hit of protein and sugar.

However, with the inclusion of fruit and coconut water, these offer something a little different in the pre-made protein drinks market and I will be interested to see what other brand bring out along the lines of this.

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