How To Make Your New Years Resolutions Work…Even If 2014’s Failed Miserably!

3 Steps To Get Motivated To Do ANYTHING! We are approaching that time of year again. You know… The part where we all set massive goals, big action plans, and make decisions about how we are going to make next year better than the last. It’s all motivating stuff! The thing is… If it really works, then why do we have to do it year after year? Surely we must be doing something wrong? New Years Resolutions DON’T...

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A Sure-Fire Sign You’re Insane When It Comes To Weight Loss

Einstein Was A Clever Guy…Use His Approach To Weight Loss And You Won’t Go Wrong   Most people are completely unaware that by definition they are insane! Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity is simply… “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” What I mean by this is that most Brides attach their Wedding weight loss the same way they have attacked weight loss...

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