Paula’s Success Story

We all love reading a good success story for a good helping of inspiration and a chunk of motivation to go and achieve something ourselves. Today I bring you a success story from Paula. A Bride I have worked with to help through (and around) various things, including: Injuries A hectic work schedule Overcoming temptation in the office Getting healthy to start a family   Her Journey, In Her Words… In late 2013 the wedding...

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Nicola: A Success Story With A Difference

Size 16 & Over The Moon With Her Results Today I have a recent success story to share with you that is a little different from the types of Success Stories you might be used to reading. This isn’t the story of a Bride who lost 5 stone for her Wedding so that she could be a size 8. No, this is Nicola’s story of how she got down to a size 16 for her Wedding Day …And loved it! After meeting me in January last year,...

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Success Story: How Yvette Halved Her Fat Before Her Wedding Day

‘..My whole body shape had transformed…I felt AMAZING for the first time in years!’ Hi, my name is Yvette BathamĀ  I got married in October 2013 and I want to tell you about my story and how I reached my weight goal for my big day! First off all I like to let you know I have battled with my weight for many years feeling very low in mood, having no self-confidence and I had no self-worth. I have tried many weight loss...

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