Full Body Bridal Blast – Free Workout Download

Short on time?

Not sure what exercises to do?

Confused by how reps and sets you should be doing of each exercise.

Don’t worry!

Today I am going to share with you a Full Body Workout specifically designed to target the key areas all Brides are looking to improve…Tummy, Arms, Butt/Thighs

And best of all…It will only take a matter of minutes to complete, with no equipment required!

bridal full body blast

You will be able to get hold of a downloadable version of the workout that is print friendly at the bottom of this post.

Bridal Workout Overview…

This workout is designed to be completed as a 6 exercise circuit.

Complete each exercise in sequence for the amount of reps suggested then, after a 2-3 minute rest, repeat the cycle again for up to 3 rounds.

The circuit is primarily resistance based but should definitely get that heart pumping, the blood flowing and the fat burning and you complete each round.

full body bride workout

*Special Notes*

  • The rep and set ranges are just a suggestion to give you an idea of how many to complete. You may do more or less if you wish.
  • On the Lunge exercise the suggested rep amount is per leg and on the Lying Oblique Reach the suggested rep amount is per side.
  • Weighted Bench Dips can be complete without the feet raised and can easily be done at home using a chair, sofa or step.
  • All exercises should be executed in a controlled manner without putting excess stress, force or load through your body.
  • Always consult your doctor or physician before completing any exercise routine

Completing this routine 2-3 times a week at home or at the gym will be a great way to start off your exercise journey as you get in shape for your big day.

Free Printable Download…

You can download a PDF version of the workout that can easily be printed and taken with you to your next workout by clicking the button below.

You will also receive a free 14-Day guide for Brides as an added bonus to help you get started.

Free Workout Plan + Guide

Once you have give the workout a go make sure you check back and leave a comment letting me know how it went!

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Author: Matt

I help busy Brides feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera on their Wedding Day.

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