How To Exercise…Even If You’re Too Tired

One thing I hear from Brides very often is…

Matt. I’m just too tired to exercise

It’s a big frustration for busy Brides.

They know they need to do more exercise to create changes in their body shape.

But they just can’t seem to muster up the energy to do it.

…And when your energy is low, your motivation will be in the basement!

too tired to train


If you find that your constantly tired, or feel like you’re on an energy roller coaster, here’s 3 things to look out for that could massively improve your energy levels…

1 Sleep

I don’t mean to sound like Captain Obvious

…But if you don’t get good quality sleep, you simply will not have much energy.

Using a sleep tracking app or band can be a great way to get an indication of how well you sleep in general and many of them will tell you how much deep sleep you are getting.

You can help improve your sleep using these 3 simple tips…

  • Make sure your room is pitch black – no light at all!
  • Don’t watch TV within 30 mins of going to bed
  • Keep electronic distractions, such as phones, out of the room

The ironic thing is that people who exercise more generally get better quality sleep.

So sometimes it’s a matter of making yourself to exercise as a means of helping you improve your sleep so that you can continue to keep exercising long term with plenty of energy.


2 Hydration

It has been reported on several occasions that dehydration affects energy and mood.

Simply put… if we do not drink enough water, we cannot perform at our best.

Water is essential for our body to function properly, and one of the key roles of water is to help in the process of energy production.

Well what about drinking caffeine?

Caffeine can give you a quick hit of energy, but long term, it isn’t the solution.

Caffeine actually acts as a diuretic, which means it makes you go to the toilet more often. So if you are already dehydrated and are now going to the toilet more, you are simply compounding the issue and probably making your energy level even worse!

If your energy is constantly low I recommend staying well clear of coffee and energy drinks for now until you can get your body well hydrated and functioning properly.


3 Nutrition

Yes…another seemingly obvious cause of poor energy, yet often overlooked, is nutrition.

Or should I say… a lack of it!

What we put in our mouth has a massive impact on our energy levels, but too many people are simply unaware of the effect the food they are eating is having on their body.

I highly recommend making a conscious effort to note how you feel in the hours after eating certain foods and the effect they have on your energy levels.

For example…I have found that consuming dairy products massively impacts my energy levels and leaves me feeling lethargic and tired. So I choose to stay clear of it.

Many other common food groups I have found to have this effect on people I work with are…

  • Sugar
  • Wheat
  • Gluten
  • Caffeine

It’s well worth seeing what effect they have on you!

If you want to get your nutrition on track within the next 14 days so that you can massively improve your energy levels, then I recommend downloading my free nutrition guide by clicking the button below.

Free Nutrition Guide

Give the nutrition advice in the guide a go and see how it can massively impact your energy levels.

Please leave a comment below letting me know how you like to keep your energy levels high and what you do to prime yourself for exercise even when your energy is low…


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Author: Matt

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