Top 3 Tips For Avoiding ‘That Bloated Feeling’ So You Can Try On ANY Dress And Feel Amazing!

bloated bellyTrying on wedding dresses is a monumental occasion for any bride-to-be, and the endless stream of people that seemingly want to go along with them.

But one complaint I hear often from brides-to-be is that they don’t always feel as good as they would like to, or as comfortable as they want when trying on what seems like over 1,000 different wedding dresses.


I surveyed the brides I have worked with an asked specifically what it is they feel when trying on dresses etc. and came to a conclusion.

Yes, a lot of what they are feeling is nervousness.

But the brides I worked with also mentioned specific parts of their body feeling bigger than others, usually their stomach.

It seemed to me like obvious signs of bloating, and when I talked to the brides about what they often did the night before trying on wedding dresses, it was obvious to see why this was the case.

Most brides spend the evening before their first wedding dress shop ‘crawl’ celebrating the fact they are about to embark on a day they had always dreamed of.

But the problem is.

This often leaves them feeling pretty rubbish the day after.

And the dreaded ‘bloated’ feeling they wanted to avoid at all costs rears its ugly head on the day the bride-to-be least wanted it to make an appearance.

I mean, how is ANY bride meant to feel their best trying on wedding dresses when they are bloated to high-heaven?

The Solution

Luckily for you, I’m here to help.

So let’s dive in to my…

Top 3 Tips For Avoiding ‘That Bloated Feeling’ So You Can Feel Amazing Trying On ANY Wedding Dress

  1. Avoid overindulgence

The night before your wedding dress hunt, make sure you don’t overindulge on food and overeat. This seems to be a common theme amongst people the night before. Eating a huge meal, with wine of course, and followed by dessert is a sure fire way to feel bloated.

  1. Eat earlier rather than later

Again, a common thing for brides to do is to eat fairly late the night before their day out wedding dress shopping. Instead, aim to eat your last meal earlier in the evening (say 6-7pm) and avoid eating within the last 2 hours of your evening before going to bed. This will leave plenty of time for your body to start the digestion process and ensure you aren’t going to bed with a belly full of food.

  1. Avoid wheat, gluten and lactose wheat and gluten

These 3 substances are common causes for digestive issues for people and can quite often be the main cause for excessive gases being produced in the stomach, causing cramps and bloatedness. Avoiding these altogether in the days leading up to trying on dresses is a great way to guarantee a bloated-free day!

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Author: Matt

I help busy Brides feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera on their Wedding Day.

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