How To Train For Your Wedding If You’re Coming Back From Injury

Last week I was emailed a question from a Bride to be who had been injured a while ago and now wanted to get in shape for her Wedding.

She essentially wanted to know the following things…

1 What she can do exercise-wise after her injury.

2 What she should be avoiding exercise-wise after her injury.

3 Any general guidelines for training after an injury.

Her question was a good one, and I wanted to share the information with you.

So here it is…

brides guide to returning from injury

The “Do’s”

When coming back from injury and trying to get in shape or lose weight for your Wedding, it is important to do the following…

Start Simple Don’t be tempted to try any complicated movements or use any particularly complicated equipment when you first start out after injury.

Instead keep things really simple by using things such as body weight exercises or using very simple pieces of equipment, such as resistance bands, to apply external resistance in a safe way.


Move Regularly As long as you feel ok to do so, make sure you are moving your body regularly. It does’t mean you have to train every day, but encouraging blood flow around your body is great for recovery.

Moving regularly will also get joints and muscles working again that may have been lay dormant for quite some time. The more you move them, the quicker they will get back to full strength.


Ask For Help It may sound simple, but if you haven’t done so already, ask for help.

The time after an injury is important, so make sure you seek the advice of a professional to guide you in the right direction.

Also, when you actually get round to exercising, do it with a friend or family member so that they can give you a hand and make sure you aren’t doing yourself any more damage.

The “Do Not’s”

If you’re coming back from injury before your Wedding make sure you avoid the following…

Excess Impact This is especially true if your injury involved any major joints in the body.

Some impact when recovering from injury can be helpful as it requires the body to adapt and grow stronger in response to the impact applied to the body.

However, too much impact can be detrimental to recovery, especially if your injury was a fairly serious one.

Try and avoid exercise such as running, jumping, or any contact sport until you feel the injured areas has regained a good level of strength.


Run Before You Can Walk…No pun intended here!

Metaphorically speaking, don;t run before you can walk when you come back from injury.

By that I mean take things slowly and be patient with your recovery. Many people want to start training back from the point where they left things before their injury, but in reality, that is not a wise thing to do.

Instead, take things one step at a time and get a feel for how your body is recovering after exercise and see how it responds to being pushed a little harder each time.

Now is not the time for trying to set personal bests!


Be Influenced By Classes Classes can be a great way to exercise, and the fact you are in a room full of people can mean you often push yourself harder than you would if you we alone.

Normally I would say this is a good thing.

However, if you are returning from injury and attend a class it can be very easy to get carried away with what everyone else is doing, become competitive, and do something you regret an hour after finishing the class.

If you are going to attend classes straight after injury remember to concentrate on what YOU are doing and not everyone else. Take it slowly and let the instructor know you are injured so that they can provide you with alternative exercises if need be.

Wrapping Things Up…

Coming back from injury is frustrating at the best of times.

But when you know you have a Wedding around the corner and want to get in shape it becomes unbearable for some.

Remember that the majority of your results will come from nutrition and that if you stick to your plan with that, you can allow yourself to slowly build up the exercise and still get great results.

Despite being immensely important, your Wedding day is just that……a day!

Don’t be tempted to do things you shouldn’t just to look a certain way for one day whilst jeopardising your long term health and fitness.

Before You Leave…

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