A Sure-Fire Sign You’re Insane When It Comes To Weight Loss

Einstein Was A Clever Guy…Use His Approach To Weight Loss And You Won’t Go Wrong


Most people are completely unaware that by definition they are insane!

Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity is simply…

“Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”

What I mean by this is that most Brides attach their Wedding weight loss the same way they have attacked weight loss their whole lives.

But for some strange reason…they expect a completely different outcome.

But how is that possible?

If you always do what you’ve always done, then you’ll always have what you’ve alway had.

So clearly something needs to change.

And I’ve made a cool little diagram fro you just to prove it 😀

are you happy


Now there’s a few things to take in to account here.

When i ask the question “Are you happy?” I am referring to lots of things.

For example. Are you happy with…

  • Your body shape
  • Your energy levels
  • Your health
  • Your fitness levels
  • Your motivation levels
  • Your self confidence

…I could go on for ages with this, but hopefully you get the idea.

If you are generally happy with all of these things then congratulations! Keep it up because whatever you are doing appears to be working really well!

If not, you need to understand that something has to change. If not, you will continue to feel that way.

For example.

When my client Yvette (Read Yvette’s Story) approached me, she had found a way to lose weight but she was still unhappy with the results she was getting in terms of body shape and tone.

Her approach had been to eat as little as possible, which as you can imagine, also had a big impact on her energy levels and mood.

On the face of it, her approach may have seemed to be working to the outsiders looking in.

But for Yvette, something was still missing.

So we set about changing a few things in order to create a different change, and the rest is history!

What Do I Need To Change? change just ahead

Thank God for that….I thought you were never going to ask!

There are many things you can change when looking to create new results in your life with regards to weight loss.

But I believe we can categorise them in to 3 key areas that can be altered slightly to create massive changes.


1 Change Your Mindset

Most people fail at weight loss because they go at it with completely the wrong mindset.

They see it as a short-term change to look good for a single event before reverting back to the way they used to do things before. They then become frustrated with the fact their weight yo-yo’s their whole life.

You MUST see your weight loss as a journey that you are taking in order to create a new lifestyle.

View it as a short term thing and you will only ever get short term results!

2 Change Your Expectations

Some people tackle weight loss with the expectation of losing a ton of weight in as little time as possible, and there are two problems with this.

Firstly, taking the gung-ho approach to weight loss will lead you to make decisions that aren;t necessarily best for your health, meaning you will look for ‘quick-fixes’ and ‘shortcuts’ to get to your ‘goal weight’. This can have negative effects on your ability to lose and maintain weight loss longer term.

Secondly, having big expectations isn’t bad. In fact, I actively suggest you set big goals!

However, make sure you break this down in to smaller, more manageable targets that you can periodically hit and gain confidence from rather than only viewing your journey as successful once you lost ‘X’ amount of stones.

3 Change Your Approach

Linking back to the two points above, most people take completely the wrong approach to weight loss.

And the approach someone takes can be heavily influenced by their mindset and expectations, hence why I mentioned those two first.

If your approach to weight loss has always been the same and it hasn’t worked, then change it!

If you find diets restrictive, exercise boring, and lack of results demoralising then have a look at why that might be.

Find a less restrictive way of eating, a fun way to get your exercise, and an approach that provides you with guaranteed results!

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