Nicola: A Success Story With A Difference

Size 16 & Over The Moon With Her Results

nicola's success storyToday I have a recent success story to share with you that is a little different from the types of Success Stories you might be used to reading.

This isn’t the story of a Bride who lost 5 stone for her Wedding so that she could be a size 8.

No, this is Nicola’s story of how she got down to a size 16 for her Wedding Day

…And loved it!

After meeting me in January last year, Nic became one of the several Brides I worked with on a one-to-one basis last year and she has sent across her story for me to share with you all.


Like all the Brides I have worked with, it took hard work, dedication, and a change in lifestyle & mindset.

However, just reading Nic’s story proves that all her hard work was worth it when she stepped in front of the camera on her Wedding Day!

You can read Nic’s inspirational story below. I hope you enjoy it as much as i did!

“I Actually ENJOYED Being On The Wrong Side Of The Camera And I Felt Awesome In My Dress”

My path crossed with Matt’s in January 2014. I’d just moved job, moved house and was 7 months away from getting married. I thought that despite my busy lifestyle, I had a pretty healthy life but I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t the shape that I wanted to be. I *hate* having my photo taken and wanted to ensure that I felt comfortable in my wedding dress on our big day.

nic before pics

Nicola’s ‘Before’ Pictures

Matt is part of the Pro Fit team at my gym in Huddersfield. He was running a 12 week programme to help people to lose weight. I thought it sounded like exactly what I needed so I signed up.

It turns out that my “healthy lifestyle” was a bit of a joke really. I was having loads of fruit/fruit juice every morning and then wondered why I slumped at my desk every afternoon. My 30 minutes on a cross trainer or exercise bike wasn’t really training me at all. It was time to accept that things had to change.

I signed up with Matt for PT sessions after the programme had concluded and I can remember our first session well. I expected to pick up some weights straight away but instead, we talked about me, my life, the goals that I wanted to set and why I wanted to achieve them.

He really got under my skin and wanted to understand my motivation. We took photos that we could bench mark against and we did a series of exercises, which he filmed, so that he could work out what my areas of weakness were. I had no idea that I had weak hips and that this was affecting my posture but after a few weeks of core exercises, I could really tell the difference.

“I Didn’t Want To Be A Size 10, But I Did Want To Get To The Stage Where I Felt Comfortable In My Own Skin”

I have done Weight Watchers and lost 7 and a half stone on that “diet” (and put most of it back on). However, I wanted to make sure that whatever I did with Matt would be something that I could stick with. I didn’t want to be a size 10, but I did want to get to the stage where I felt comfortable in my own skin and could have my photo taken without wanting to cry.

nix's wedding dayMatt created a two pronged approach for me. We tackled nutrition and my gym based training in a big way! I love cooking but by making simple adjustments and focusing on single ingredient based food (i.e., nothing manufactured), my complexion improved and I had tons more energy. I thought that I would struggle to eat when I was travelling around for work but again, Matt taught me tricks and cheats that I could take with me wherever I was.

From a training point of view, I said good bye to my beloved cross trainer and I said hello to… me! All of the exercises that went in to my programme were body weight based and focused on high intensity interval training.

“I Was A Size 18 And Hated My Arms And My Stomach”

There were a few key areas that I told Matt that I wanted to focus on…

I was a size 18 and hated my arms and my stomach.

I wasn’t bothered about losing loads of weight, but I had bought a size 16 dress, with no sleeves and which was quite figure hugging.

Matt factored these goals into my programme and we had regular review sessions to assess my progress and to tweak my programme to make sure that I smashed all of my goals.

“My Weight Had Reduced By Almost 2 Stone And I Felt Like A Different Woman”

I’m not going to lie, it was hard work. There have been occasions where I have nearly thrown up in the car park, on the rig (functional training area), on Matt… but it has all been worth it. After about 7 months with Matt in total, my total body fat percentage had reduced by over 10%, my weight had reduced by almost 2 stone and I felt like a different woman.

As for my wedding, it was amazing. I actually ENJOYED being on the wrong side of the camera and I felt awesome in my dress. I look at the photos now and smile instead of cringe (for the first time in forever).

I honestly don’t believe that I would have had such an incredible day without Matt and his dedication to me and my goals. No question was too small and he was literally on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I can’t thank him enough, or recommend him highly enough to any other brides to be.

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paulas wedding weight loss

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