Quick, Simple, Healthy Pancakes

Everyone loves the thought of getting involved with pancake day.

But in reality, many people skip it for a whole host of reasons…

  • It’s not healthy
  • It will ruin my diet
  • It’s messy
  • It will take too long to prepare

…The list goes on.

But what if you could enjoy Pancake Day in a quick, simple & healthy way that won’t ruin your healthy eating efforts?

You can…

quick, simple & healthy pancakes

My own version of Pancakes is great for a few reasons…

  1. It takes 10 minutes to prepare and cook
  2. It contains only 3 ingredients (unless you want to add extras)
  3. Everything is 100% natural. There’s no crap in these!
  4. Your kids will enjoy them as much as traditional pancakes
  5. You can enjoy them year-round without feeling guilty

The Ingredients healthy pancake recipe

To make these healthy Pancakes you will need…

  • 2 Bananas
  • 1 Large Free Range Egg
  • 1 Tablespoon Almond Butter

…That’s it!

The Recipe

Step 1 In a bowl, mash the 2 bananas in to a paste.

Step 2 Add the egg and whisk well.

Step 3 Add the almond butter and whisk again.

Step 4 Melt some butter/oil in a pan.

Step 5 Add the mixture to create mini pancakes.

Be sure not to cook the pancakes on too high a temperature or they will burn on one side.

Simply leave in the pan for a minute or two before flipping over to cook the other side.


The Result… paleo pancakes

After adding any toppings to flavour them, serve them hot/warm.

Be sure to keep any left over ones in the fridge for a snack the day after!

My favourite toppings are melted 85% dark chocolate and strawberries.

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