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How Eating Treat Meals Can Help

You Lose More Weight

You Know the feeling.

It’s day 10 on your new ‘Diet’ (maybe sooner) and you are already fighting the Devil on your shoulder that wants you to eat something that is ‘Off Plan’.

You’ve got cravings for things you never even used to enjoy that much anyway.

The thought of a ‘night off’ this restricted, boring plan sounds like a dream right now.

Your willpower is being tested immensely!

So what are you meant to do?

why you should eat treat meals

In my opinion, treat meals should be included as part of your nutrition plan if you are genuinely wanting long term success with weight loss and changing the way your body looks and feels.


Well there are 3 keys reasons in my eyes…

1 You’re human and you’re allowed to enjoy yourself.

Sticking to a healthy diet is definitely something you MUST do if you want to achieve, and then maintain, a healthy body.

It is also the only way to genuinely feel better, increase your energy levels and enjoy life to the full.

However, there is definitely a time and a place (in my opinion) where you should allow yourself to let your hair down, have a drink or two if you wish, and eat the odd meal that doesn’t fit in to the ‘healthy’ category.

Doing this allows you to keep doing some of the things you enjoy, like eating at your favourite restaurant or enjoying a nice glass of red with that Birthday meal.

It helps keep you sane!

2 It makes the process less stressful

If you are going to eat healthily you are most definitely going to have to do some form of meal preparation for when you are eating at work, out on the road, or just out of your usual routine.

However, there will come a time when work, family or life in general mean that something gets in the way of you preparing the types of food you should be eating.

So then what do you do?

You suck it up, accept the fact you are not well prepared, and look for an option that whilst not being ‘perfect’ still allows you to stick loosely to the principles you should be following.

Think of it as damage limitation.

If you do end up eating completely off-plan then that becomes your treat meal and you have to ensure that your other meals are spot on.

3 It can help you lose more weight! 

This is the big one!

Believe it or not, eating the occasional treat meal can in fact help with your weight loss.


Well they can have a positive impact on your metabolism and certain ‘hunger’ hormones within your body.

You see, whether you count calories or not (I prefer not to) most diets or nutrition plans will be lower in calories naturally than your usual day-to-day eating would be (presuming you have poor eating habits).

So your body starts to adapt to having less calories to burn than usual.

The result….the potential for your metabolism to decrease.

Your metabolism won’t fire on all cylinders if it doesn’t need to.


By eating the occasional treat meal you will put your metabolism under pressure to ‘fire-up’ to handle the inevitable increase in calories you have consumed.

If you eat an additional 500 calories on the day of your treat meal versus a normal day then your body will have to find a way to handle that.

Therefore it will likely increase your metabolic rate to handle the extra workload.

The effects of this can mean that your metabolism stays high for the next few days, which can lead to additional weight loss and fat burning if you have switched back to eating ‘on plan’.

treat meal faq


How often should I have a treat meal?

When I first start working with a Bride for weight loss I advise they do a 14 day period of eating clean, single-ingedient foods to switch their body in to ‘fat burning mode’, rebalance their hormones, and rid the body of excess toxins. They would then have a treat meal on the 15th day.

After this period they would have 1-2 treat meals per week, depending on how quickly they are progressing.

What types of foods am I allowed in my treat meal?

In theory…anything.

However, I would advise against eat complete and utter rubbish, even in a treat meal.

Why? Well lets face it, takeaways and crap food are no good for you regardless of whether you are eating a treat meal or not. If you were to have two takeaways each week as your ‘treats’ then you will definitely not do your own health or results any favours.

The majority of time I advise people to stick to good foods that provide lots of nutrition, but maybe add a dessert to the mix and maybe some alcohol too if you enjoy a drink.

A treat meal should be a ‘treat’ and not complete annihilation of your body!

What about treat days?

I’ll be 100% honest with you here.

Despite being far from ideal, there are times when your treat meal may end up turning in to a treat day.

And I will stress again, this is far from ideal.

On the whole I do not recommend treat days as I often find that people find it difficult to get back ‘on the wagon‘ afterwards and their treat day seemingly ends up being a treat week!

Aim for 80-90% compliance with whatever plan you are following and you will get results. Having a full treat day will inevitably take you below that 80% compliance barrier and hold you back in the long term.

What plan do you recommend I follow?

I recommend following a plan that consists mainly of single-ingredient, natural foods that will reduce the amount of toxins and such that you put in your body.

Doing this 80-90% of the time, as mentioned above, will guarantee you great results and should be maintainable long term.

You can find a full explanation of how a plan like this works by getting our ‘Secrets To A Flat Belly‘ by clicking the button below.

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