Point Tracking, Calorie Counting, Different Coloured Days…What Does It All Mean?!

Have you ever lost weight in the past following a diet only to see your results reverse when you went back to eating normally?

If so, you’re definitely going to want to read this!

Why? Because it will show you where you went wrong and how to make sure your results last way after your Wedding and beyond when you start your journey this time.

calorie counting

You tracked your ‘points’, Counted your calories, or maybe had ‘red’ and ‘green’ days as part of the process.

You fasted for 2 days, ate normally for 5, drank the shakes, bought the bars…or maybe just ate grapefruit for 2 whole weeks.

And hallelujah, it worked!

…Until you went back to eating normally and regained all the weight, plus more!

It’s a story all too common in modern day society.

And it drives the women who follow these diets absolutely mad!

Women like YOU, who just want to know how to eat in a way that is both healthy and allows them to reach a body weight and image they can be happy with and feel confident about.

So that begs the question…

Why Are Fad Diets So Popular?

I have a few theories…

Theory 1 They’re Perceived As ‘Easy’

Most of these diets are cleverly marketed to make them appear as being easy to follow.

This is achieved by giving people as few things to focus on as possible.

In reality, there are a lot of things to consider when losing weight and many habits to build.

However, if you give a woman ‘Points’ to track, colours to eat by, or a certain calorie number to hit…it instantaneously appears a lot easier to follow and stick too.

You are essentially giving people just one thing to focus on, which is quite a clever way to do things.

But what about when you take that one thing away from them and ask them to continue for life?


Theory 2 They’re Quick

Again, this is primarily down to the way these diets are marketed.

If I was to give you two options….

The Superfast, 3 Week, Weight Loss Formula


The Healthy Weight Loss Plan For Life

Which one are the MAJORITY of people likely to choose?

After years of working in this industry I am happy to place my bet on the first option.

Especially if they are looking to lose weight in time for their Wedding, or another big event!

Framing diets like this works in a similar way to my first theory above.

It gives people an element of focus.

If you can give people just one thing to focus on (Theory 1) and then give them a finite amount of time to stay focused on it (Theory 2), then it all seems a lot easier to do.

But what about when that deadline has passed?

What’s left to focus on once the 3 weeks is up and the points, calories or colours have all been tracked?


Theory 3 They Work!

I am far from being a fan of these types of diets.

However, I have to say that many of them do actually deliver results.

And after all, this is a results based industry we are in…or at least we should be!

Fad diets genuinely help people pay more attention to what they are eating and how much of it they are having, which is usually something they completely ignore.

There is no doubt that there are thousands of women out there (and men) who have lost considerable amounts of weight following these diets…RESULT!

But what happens to most of them afterwards?

Well, according to research done as part of a Channel 4 ‘Dispatches’ program the researcher claimed that “…although some weight loss was maintained, in some cases over 75% of it was regained

The researcher also went to warn people that many people inaccurately report their weight gain after achieving their ‘Target Weight’ which biases the results further because people are ashamed to admit their weight gain.

A quick Google search reveals that there are plenty more resources like this that disprove the benefits of following fad diets for long term results, with many participants regaining weight within 12 months of finishing the plan.


Matt’s View…

Following popular diets is a waste of time if you are looking for healthy weight loss that you can sustain long-term as part of a healthier lifestyle.

They are also useless if you are looking to get the most out of your body in terms of energy, quality of sleep, concentration, and many cosmetic benefits such as healthy hair, skin and nails.

We are now at a point where the average woman spends ONE THIRD of her life on a ‘Diet’… and from experience, most of them are miserable whilst doing so!

It’s no wonder women jump from diet-to-diet looking for the next quick fix if they are constantly following plans that leave them feeling miserable with no real long term benefits.

It would be like asking people to go to work every day of their life doing a job they hate without paying them!

What’s the point?

Here are some things I want you to consider as you get in shape for your ‘Big Day’…

looking for something

What Are You Really Looking For?

Think about what you are really after when it comes to getting in shape for your Wedding Day.

Yes I know…You want toned arms, a flat tummy, and to feel super-confident in front of the camera.

But what else?

How about being genuinely healthier as a result?

Maybe feeling happier and more energetic now than you did in your early twenties or even late teens?

Or how about setting up the foundations on the inside so that you can conceive and give birth to your first or next child, so that they are as healthy as possible?

It’s time to think past just losing weight…there’s a lot more to life than that!

Think about what other benefits you want as a result of losing the weight.

what's the cost?

What Are The Costs?

There’s always a cost when it comes to getting in great shape.

Taking ‘Shortcuts’ saves you time in getting results, but will probably cost you long term on the inside.

Just a quick look at the ingredients list of many ‘Diet Foods’ reveals the host of artificial and damaging substances that we were never meant to come in to contact with…never mind consume!

Also, consider the costs financially.

One resource reports that it costs on average $155 per Kg lost on some weight loss plans when tracked long term, with others costing as much as $546!

Not only that, but the cheapest plan costed on average $34,630 per quality adjusted life year gained!

That’s a lot to pay for plans that don’t necessarily focus on delivering long term results that last, with marked improvements on your health.

Brides are getting much better value for money following plans designed around real food, healthy habits, and real lifestyle changes…such as the Big Day Body Plan I have put together.

It certainly doesn’t cost them $155 per Kg weight loss!


Keep Things Simple

Base your diet around natural, single-ingredient foods and you won’t go far wrong.

Add in 2L of water a day, some exercise, and a good night’s sleep…and you will be ahead of 95% of the population!

Deep down we all know what we should and shouldn’t be eating, and yet we allow ourselves to be convinced that there are some ‘Secrets’ to weight loss, or ‘Hidden Formulas’ to be uncovered.

There isn’t!

Focus on clean nutrition, regular exercise and good sleep – sprinkled with lots of consistency.


Is it Time To Change?

If you have followed plans like the ones I have described above without long term success, then maybe it’s time to change your approach.

By all means, follow a plan or seek some advice and support.

But make sure it’s based around long term results, rather than quick fixes that will do you more harm than good in the long run.

Use the goal of getting in shape for your Wedding as a chance to genuinely change the way you approach health, and life in general. nic's wedding day

Nicola, who I helped get in shape for her Wedding, was a previous Weight Watchers participant who had lost 3 stones following the plan, before regaining it all!

She used her Wedding as a deadline for changing her lifestyle as a whole so that she could feel fantastic on her big day, and for a long time afterwards.

Because let’s face it, what’s the point in feeling great on your Big Day if you you don’t feel like that afterwards, or ever again!

You can read Nicola’s story by clicking the link below…

Nicola: A Success Story With A Difference

You can also check out Yvette’s Story as she was someone who by her own admission had “tried everything” when it came to weight loss plans, before completely changing her approach to it.


Ready To Make A Change?

If you’re ready to make a change to the way you approach your health and body shape, then I welcome you to get involved with the Big Day Body Plan.

There is exclusive access to some FREE help as a thank you for taking the time to read my blog. See you on the inside!

The Big Day Body Plan – V.I.P Access

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Author: Matt

I help busy Brides feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera on their Wedding Day.

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