The Simple Wedding Weight Loss Plan

Whether your wedding is just a few short months away, or well over a year away, chance are that you are already thinking of what to do to shape-up for your big day.

This wedding weight loss plan is going show you how to…

  • Tone your arms
  • Flatten your tummy
  • Shape you hips, butt & thighs

Oh, and feel nothing short of amazing and confident on your wedding day.


Simple Wedding Weight Loss Plan

Eating For Wedding Weight Loss

The best plan when it comes to losing weight for your wedding is to keep things simple

…really simple in fact!

When working with Brides before their wedding day I generally have two nutrition guidelines for them

1 Eat mainly single ingredient foods

2 Drink at least 2L of water per day

See, I told you it was simple!

Why Follow A Simple Eating Plan Like This?

In short, this weight loss plan focuses on improving your overall health.

And the healthier you are, the easier it is to lose weight.

Having a diet that consists mainly of single ingredient foods and contains a good amount of water each day will…

  • Provide your body with vital nutrients needed for weight loss
  • Improve your energy levels – making exercise easier
  • Will naturally be low in sugar, which is often the main cause of weight gain
  • Improve sleep – another important aspect of weight loss often overlooked
  • Provide you with good quality proteins & fats to stop you getting annoying cravings

What sorts of foods should I be eating for wedding weight loss?

If you follow this plan, the key components of your diet will be…

Proteins meats, eggs, fish, offal, poultry

Fats nuts, seeds, avocado, coconut, olive oil

Carbs vegetables, fruit, wheat & gluten free starches

You can grab a full nutrition plan that outlines all of this by clicking the button below…

Free Wedding Weight Loss Plan


Exercising For Wedding Weight Loss

Just like nutrition, the best plan with your exercise is to keep it simple!

When it comes to exercising for your wedding day, I have two simple guidelines…

1 Use movements that target big muscle groups

2 Perform your exercise in either a circuit or interval format

Why exercise like this?

In short, exercising with these two guidelines will enable you to do several things…

  • Keep your exercise sessions short – 15-20 mins is plenty!
  • Create tone throughout your body, as well as achieving weight loss
  • Improve your shape, fitness, energy levels and core strength
  • Exercise regardless of whether you have access to a gym or not

What should my exercise look like?

The plan below is a great example of an exercise session that will help you tone your arms, flatten your tummy and shape your butt + thighs.

It’s short, simple, requires no equipment, and can be done regardless of your fitness levels.

full body bride workout


This plan has been taken straight from the ‘Workout Archive’ which is one of the most popular aspects of the Big Day Body Plan I run for Brides online.

You can grab a free download of the workout, along with a weight loss plan for brides, by simply clicking the button below.

Free Workout For Brides

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I help busy Brides feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera on their Wedding Day.

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