WMS 1: What Is Motivation?

start doingRemember that time you were so driven to do something you saw it right through to completion?

Or that time you were so fed up of something you just thought “I HAVE to do something about this”…so you went and did something about it.

In both instances you clearly had some form of motivation to make you take action.

There was something inside that you drove you to do, rather than to think.

Something that made you move, rather than sit still.

And yet for some reason, you can’t seem to muster up that same drive to make you take the action required to look and feel your absolute best on your Wedding Day.

And that that begs the simple question…

what is motivation

In Part 1 of the Wedding Motivation Series I am going to help you understand what motivation actually is.

Is it something you see written down and think “Yeah, let’s do this!”?

Is it looking at what another woman has and saying “I wish I had (blank) like her”?

I’ll tell you what motivation isn’t…

Motivation isn’t something that makes you think or say something, motivation is an internal force that make you DO something.
Motivation is what you get when you look at what YOU want, get clear on WHY you want it, and then DECIDE what to do next to get one step closer to that ‘thing’.

And here’s the thing…

Motivation isn’t something that just comes and goes.

When you are ‘Motivated’ you are simply focused on what you want and why you want it.

When you aren’t ‘Motivated’ you have simply lost focus on what it is you truly want for yourself and why.

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A Few Things To Understand About Motivation…

1 Motivation always comes from within

2 Motivation occurs when you have a clear outcome

3 Motivation can be strengthened. It’s all about focus.

X Motivation isn’t possessed by some and not others

The motivated people amongst us are simply the ones who are clear on WHAT they want and WHY they want it.

We all possess the ability to be ‘Motivated’. We just have to understand what motivates us.

What Motivates You?

Think back to a time you worked really hard to achieve something and think about the following…

What was it you were working towards? Why did you want to achieve that outcome? What was it that made you start taking action towards the outcome? What did you gain from achieving the outcome? How did that feel? What did that feeling give you that you didn’t have before achieving the outcome? What does this tell you about yourself?

In answering these questions you will uncover a few clues as to some of the things that motivate you.

Let me re-phrase that…

In answering these questions you will uncover a few clues as to some of the feelings that motivate you.

You see…

We aren’t motivated by ‘things’ – These are external factors we believe we want.

We are motivated by ‘feelings’ – The internal forces that drive us forwards.

When you are motivated to achieve something, you are motivated to feel a certain way.

Yeah, there might be a ‘thing’ you get along the way. But that isn’t what you WANT.

What you WANT is the ‘feeling’ you get from having achieved or attained an outcome.

Whether it be…

– Pride

– A sense of achievement

– Confidence

– Happiness

– Love

– A sense of belonging

…or any other feeling you want to experience.

That’s what truly motivates you to DO something, rather than just THINK or TALK about something.

So that begs the question…

What Is It You Want To Feel As A Result Of Looking Stunning On Your Wedding Day?

That’s the real goal you are looking to achieve.

That’s the real motivator you require to take action.

That feeling is the part you will remember for the rest of your life.

Not experiencing that feeling is the bit you will regret if you don’t attain it.

Motivation Is Nothing To Do With Achieving ‘Things’ And Everything To Do With Achieving ‘Feelings’

…and you can start to achieve that feeling now by taking action and downloading my ‘Motivation Cheat Sheet’ that will reveal the other key areas I am going to share with you in the Wedding Motivation Series and will keep you updated each time the next post goes live.

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