WMS 2: The 3-Step Motivation Strategy

motivation strategyWould you like to know how to get motivated in 3 simple steps?

Would knowing such a strategy help you FINALLY get started with your Wedding health/fitness plan?

If ‘Yes’ – stick around.

There’s nothing worse than not being able to motivate yourself to start doing something when you know deep down you want it.

And today, I am going to show you how to overcome this obstacle and get started with looking and feeling your best for your Wedding Day.

You’ll be surprised at how simple, yet effective these 3 steps are when it comes to Wedding Motivation.

Let’s dive in…

3 step wedding motivation strategy

Step 1 Get Clear…Like, Really Clear!

Most people struggle for motivation because they don’t know what they want.


So the first thing you have to do as part of this process is decide EXACTLY what you want.

But here’s the thing,

…I guarantee it isn’t what you think it is.

In my last post (What Is Motivation?) I revealed that while most people believe they are motivated by THINGS, they are in fact motivated by FEELINGS.

Usually, their quest for THINGS is a shortcut to a certain FEELING they want to experience.

Take buying a new dress for example.

You might not need the new dress,

You probably have a wardrobe full at home,

But the colour, design, and new style are a sure fire way to make you feel good about yourself when you get the compliments you receive the first time you wear it

…A feeling you may not have attained had your wore a dress you had wore several time before!

So What Motivated You To Buy The Dress?

The feeling you get when you get a compliment for wearing a new dress!

– That little hit of satisfaction.

– That little extra attention it draws.

– That boost in confidence.

– Maybe the feeling of knowing your friends will be jealous?

…Whatever it is, it exists, and it will be there next time you step in to the shop to buy your next one.

So the first key to motivating yourself is getting clear on how you want to feel on your Wedding Day…

– When you walk down the isle

– line up for those all-important photos

– Step on to the dance floor for your first dance

…How do you want to feel?

Start by getting clear on that.

Here’s a short list of common themes to help you out…






…Start your list now.

Step 2 Make Decisions

Now you know what really motivates you (the exact feelings) it’s time to make some decisions…

Decision 1 ‘WHAT’ Will Elicit That Feeling?

You need to decide what will make you feel that way on your Wedding Day…

– Will it be a certain type of dress you can wear?

– How you feel in your own skin?

– The way you look in the photos afterwards?

…Whatever it is, decide on the ‘WHAT’ so that you know which vehicle will take you to the land of motivation.

Decision 2 How Will You Achieve It?

Next, decide how you will achieve the THING that will give you the FEELING you are working towards.

This is usually fairly simple and can be as straight forward as…

“I need to start exercising a few times a week and take some extra care/focus with what I eat”

Most people already know the ‘HOW’, it’s just that without knowing the WHAT and understanding their WHY (the feeling they are going for) it is very difficult to stick to the ‘HOW’.

…I hope I didn’t lose you there! 😀

Decision 3 When Will You Achieve It By?

Having a deadline in place is key for motivation.

If you give yourself forever to achieve something you will never start.

Give yourself a week and you will get off your backside right now and get started!

As a Bride you should have no problem with this part.

Naturally, you have a deadline to be working towards (your Big Day) but there may also be other dates along the way that are important, such as…

– Your Hen Do

– Your Dress Fittings

– Shopping for the honeymoon

…So make sure you factor these in as mini-deadlines along the way.

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Step 3 Get Prepared!

This is vital for STAYING motivated once you’ve started.

I’ve already written in the past about Decision Fatigue and how it affects motivation, so I won’t go in to too much detail here.

But the basic premise is this…

– Making the ‘right’ decision isn’t always easy and requires extra energy

– Having to make decisions you usually wouldn’t make uses up a lot of energy throughout the day

– By the end of the day, or later in the week, you are likely to be ‘Decision Fatigued’

– This leads to you making ‘easier’ (i.e. your usual) decisions, which may not be inline with your goal.

This can massively impact motivation and lead to you simply giving up, falling off the wagon, or throwing the towel in (any old cliche that fits!).

So. What do you do?

The idea here is to reduce the amount of decisions you need to make in a day, especially those relating to tasks that involve your goal.

For example…

– What should I eat at mealtimes?

– What should I eat on the road or as snacks?

– Should I exercise today?

– What exercise should I do today?

If you are trying to make one of these decisions in a ‘fatigued’ state, I guarantee you will go for an ‘easy’ option, which is usually the wrong option.

So…The key here is to be prepared.

Where possible, do the following…

– Plan and prepare food for the week in advance

– Plan your exercise for the week in advance (days, times, type of exercise)

– Plan anything else relating to your goal in advance

This should reduce the amount of decisions you are required to make in a ‘fatigued’ state, thus making the amount of ‘good’ decisions you make much higher than usual.

Let’s take exercise for example.

You’ve had a busy, stressful day at work and are on your way home thinking…

“Should I go running tonight when I get home?”

Usually your answer would be…

“I’ve got far too much to do, and I just want a glass of red wine. I deserve it after the day I’ve had!”

However, you have already planned that you are meeting your friend tonight at 6.30pm and are going for a 20 minute run to hit your target of running 2 time a week.

So you think to yourself…

“I should go really. I can’t let my friend down and deep down I know I will feel better for doing it.”

So you go and do the run, skip the wine, and feel much better after what was quite frankly a crappy day!

The Key

The key in this scenario is that the decision had already been made at a time where decision fatigue was low and motivation was high (usually earlier in the week).

The plans had been made.

Decisions committed too.

Accountability in place.

…All that was required was one thing – JUST TURN UP

Side Note From Matt...

Just as a little sneaky insider for you, I’ll let you know that I only have 1 rule with my clients and it’s the one I have just mentioned.

Just Turn Up!

Once you turn up at whatever it is you are meant to be doing, you’ll figure the rest out. the hard bit is just getting there so just focus on that.

This made the decision much easier to make and the chances of success much higher than usual.

The same would happen if you had to make a decision about what to eat for dinner because you hadn’t bought anything in.

You’d have to decide…

– What to buy

– How you want to cook it

– What you want with it

…Whereas, if you’re prepared you already know all these things in advance. So you just need to show up in your kitchen and cook the food you already have in.

Success here is purely down to your ability to prepare yourself in advance to make things easier for yourself in the future.


Bringing It All Together

So to summarise.

The 3 Steps to motivation are…

Step 1 Get Clear

Step 2 Make Decisions

Step 3 Get Prepared

…It’s that simple.

Follow those 3 strategies and you can’t go far wrong if you do them properly.

…and you can start right now by taking action and downloading my ‘Motivation Cheat Sheet’ that will reveal the other key areas I am going to share with you in the Wedding Motivation Series and will keep you updated each time the next post goes live.

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