WMS 3: Have You Ever Dropped Your Phone?

dropped smartphoneWell have you?

I imagine most people will have.

Did you create a scuff, scratch or even crack the phone?

Again, I bet most people have.

The next question may sound silly…

Did you take a hammer and smash the phone up because you had scuffed, scratched or cracked it?

“You didn’t?!?!”

Then why do you do that with your body & motivation?

Let me explain what I mean with all this…

wedding motivation analogy

When you drop your phone and cause it to scuff, scratch or crack you do so by mistake.

You were momentarily careless and caused a little damage to your phone.

However, you acknowledged that you had’t completely broken the phone, so you carried on using it regardless

…And you probably dropped it again at some point (another careless mistake).

The same scenario is a great analogy for what to do with your body & motivation

You are careless and have a momentary slip with your diet, exercise or motivation – you cause a little damage to your progress.

However, what most people do in this instance is overreact, call themselves a ‘failure’, and proceed to completely undo all their good work so far by completely ‘smashing up’ their progress.

Could you imagine doing that to your phone every time you dropped it?

…Phone sales would be through the roof based on my record for dropping mine alone!

Imagine literally taking a hammer out and smashing up your phone every time you dropped it, just because you had a momentary lapse in concentration or made a simple mistake.

That would be madness!

So why do we treat our phones better than we treat ourselves?

I have a few answers for you…

1. Where we place the blame

When we drop our phone it is easy to blame external factors.

“I slipped, someone knocked me, it fell out of my bag, I was in a rush” etc. etc.

However, when it comes to exercise and food we know that we should be in control of it

…But don’t accept that this may not always be the case.

Therefore when it goes ‘tits-up’ (for want of a better phrase) we feel we only have ourselves to blame and have therefore FAILED.

And as we have already ‘failed’ we may as well go the whole hog and fail in an epic fashion!

2. We set up for failure

When you buy a new phone, I imagine you buy a nice case for it too.

Or maybe a screen protector or insurance of some sort.

But what about you, your body, your health, and your results?

What sort of insurance or protection do you have set up for that?

None, I imagine.

When you want to hit that ‘Self Destruct’ button it’s very easy to do so because you have the means around you to make this to most epic of all epic self destructions.

The cupboards are full of your favourite treats, theres a stash of wine somewhere, and if all else fails…there’s always that one friend you can count on who will happily ‘cheers you up’ by way of going for a drink with you, having your favourite takeaway, and listening to what a great ‘failure’ you are.

Yeah I know, I’m quite inquisitive for a man 😀

In fairness, I do see this happening a lot!

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Unlike your phone, there’s no protection or insurance there

What if you had it set up differently next time so that you could apply damage limitation, like the case does for your phone?

– What if you could make sure your cupboards were full of good stuff instead of crap?

– Or that your wine stash was simply 1 miniature bottle that you could enjoy then throw away, rather than drinking a full 750ml bottle?

– Or how about if your go-to friend/support was someone who would ‘gee-you-up’ and get you back on track again, rather than facilitating you imminent self destruction?

How much better would that be?

How much frustration would you save yourself?

3. We forget the obvious

In one single day you may drop your phone several times and create several scratches on the surface of the phone.

Yet for some reason, when it comes to ourselves (with regards to food in particular) we view the whole day as one single instance.

So if we ‘mess up’ once during the day, we see it as the whole day as been ruined so you may as well just eat crap for the rest of the day.

But his isn’t true.

If you drop your phone once, it scratches the surface once.

If you drop your diet once, it scratches your progress once.

If you continue to drop your diet, you continue to scratch your progress – ALL DAY.

Just the same as if you continue to drop your phone, you will continue to scratch that too!

Be careful of how you rationalise things to yourself.

We are very good as intelligent beings at creating stories and rationalisations that hide the truth and protect our feelings in the short term, but leave us feeling crap in the long term.

Wrapping It All Up

Today’s post was a simple analogy to highlight the way you treat yourself versus the way you treat your possessions, and how that can affect your motivation and progress.

Next time you feel like you’re going to hit that ‘Self Destruct’ button, think about my Phone Analogy and think about what you would do in that situation.

The simple question to ask yourself is…

“If this ‘scratch’ had happened to my phone, would I smash the whole thing up?”

I hope this instalment of the Wedding Motivation Series has been useful to you.

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