Success Story: How Yvette Halved Her Fat Before Her Wedding Day

‘..My whole body shape had transformed…I felt AMAZING for the first time in years!’

Hi, my name is Yvette Batham yvettes wedding day

I got married in October 2013 and I want to tell you about my story and how I reached my weight goal for my big day!

First off all I like to let you know I have battled with my weight for many years feeling very low in mood, having no self-confidence and I had no self-worth.

I have tried many weight loss and fitness plans, including dvd’s, diets, going to meetings, and even starvation!

Nothing seemed to work.

I joined the gym, ate healthily and the weight slowly began to drop off.

I thought I would be happy…NOT!

I felt worse even though I had archived the goal of losing weight because I was left looking ‘flabby’ with all the excessive fat I still had. Especially around my tummy and arms.

As a 41 year-old mum of two, I had always carried extra fat since the birth of my children…But so does everyone don’t they?

I was unhappy and I just felt miserable!

It Was Time To Get Help From Someone Who Knows What They Are Doing…

One day I saw Matt from Pro-Fit PT and decided to have a chat with him.

posture improvements

6 weeks of fat loss and posture correction

I came to him with low energy, not sleeping and lots of negative feelings. But after we spoke at length about my journey so far and what I was still yet to achieve I felt more positive as I now felt I had some direction and some answers.

Matt explained The key to looking good is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise and that’s one place I had been going wrong, as my nutrition was really restricted because I was scared of gaining fat!

I decided to give Matt’s Plan ago for a month….

And 2 years later I haven’t looked back!

Within 2 weeks I had more energy, was sleeping better and feeling more toned than I ever had.

My body fat was 37% when I joined and I lost 5% in the first few weeks!

I started to see results quickly, not only with my weight loss and tone, but also my posture improved massively, as did my health.


The Big Day Was Approaching!

Wedding dayMy wedding was the following year and I had always felt horrible trying on dresses that didn’t  look how I imagined them to.

However, I came overwhelmed with different emotions as more and more body fat came off!

I began to think my wedding could be amazing after all and this gave me the courage and motivation I needed to succeed.

Months passed and I noticed more and more results as I now dropped below 20% body fat, got fitter, banished my ‘baby belly’, busted the bingo wings, and felt better than I had done in my 20’s and 30’s!

The day came to try on my wedding dress and I’ll never forget the feeling when I looked in the mirror…

The day itself was unforgettable. It was everything I had dreamed of!

And most importantly, I didn’t spend it worrying about how I looked. I felt comfortable and confident in front of the camera.

I actually looked forward to having my Wedding photos taken!

Bring On The Honeymoon!

…Words I never thought I would say!

The honeymoon was awesome!

My new husband and I went to my dream place in Jamaica and I went there looking in fab shape and for the first time in years I wore a bikini.

I looked taller, more toned and I was happy with myself. I had never felt this good about the way I looked before and it was an awesome moment in my life. yvettes honeymoon

I believe the key to achieving the results you want is…

1 Smart Training

2 Dedication

3 Good Nutrition & Planning Your Meal

But most off all…enjoy it and you soon adapt to a new and positive lifestyle!

That’s how Matt and his team work.

There’s no magic pill…so stop looking for it!

There’s no magic diet either. It’s all about finding the right healthy balance and once you get that you see results like I have.

I never thought this would be possible…especially for me.

But it was!

And it is for you too 😀

If you have been inspired by this post and want to start your journey then make sure you grab your free copy of my ‘Bridal Belly Buster Plan‘ by clicking the button below

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Author: Matt

I help busy Brides feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera on their Wedding Day.

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